Issue 3: Going Green (Socially responsible naturism)

The INF (International Naturist Federation) defined naturism as ‘living in harmony with nature, expressed through personal and social nudity, and characterised by respect of people with different opinions and for the environment’.

Each of us, in our RL naturism, have a responsibility to look after not only the naturist environments we enjoy, but a wider responsibility to our living spaces in a wider context.

That means we should be cleaning up after us and, if we all do it, we leave a beach in as pristine a condition as we hopefully found it. And if we found it in slightly less than pristine condition (although my experience is that naturists are pretty good at taking their beach detritus with them), then picking up and binning a couple of bits of litter we didn’t generate means we’re doing our own little bit to improve our environment.

In SL, interestingly, genuine naturist sim builders have either consciously or subconsciously adopted this approach. I prefer to think of it as conscious thinking to the issue, a subliminal message that each of us take responsibility to our environment.

Next time you visit a beach, naturist or textile, remember to bag your rubbish when leaving, and take it home with you. That way, our RL beaches can remain as litter free as our SL beaches.


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