Issue 3: Going loopy at Lupe’s

Lupe’s is a relatively new naturist location, described as ‘magical’ (and it is!) which is also a home for faerie folk. It is, as described, a ‘magic forest’.

While the faerie folk may find lush green glades in which to do whatever it is faerie folk do in SL. Pardon my ignorance, but I’ve never indulged in roleplay of any kind in SL, historical, Gor, faeries, merfolk, so I’m not quite sure on their activities.

It’s a stunning build of woodlands, beaches, ruins etc, so there’s an element of something for everyone. This makes it sound like a mish-mash. It isn’t. It’s a superbly well done sim that is spacious enough to permit each group to act independently or interact.

I’ve not actually encountered any faerie folk there, so I’m not sure if they remain in character during conversation or adopt a human persona during conversation.

Leaving that aside, it IS a naturist island, and nudity is required, so we at SLN are all in favour of that!

There’s quite a bit to see and do around the island, so we advise you visit forthwith.

(nb: We go to press with this article ‘unfinished’. Howie and Lupe’s owner, Darky, have been in conversation, and I will be contacting him myself, with a view to getting his own input into his hopes and ambitions for Lupe’s. I shall either tack that input onto this post, or publish a new standalone post next week, and link between the two articles. Ella)

2 thoughts on “Issue 3: Going loopy at Lupe’s

  1. One of my favorite naturist parks. Serene, beautiful, and certainly magical. Just a wonderful place to be.

  2. I so agree with Adiah…I have visited the Sim so many times and it is such a wonderful place with equally good fellow visitors. I appreciate the effort that has gone into creating it.

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