Issue 3: Going wild at Wild Coast

I guess most of us who are SL naturists have our favourite bookmarks. Limited RL time (you’ve noticed I mostly only post on my days off RL work???? 🙂 ) means I can’t play SL as often as I’d wish, and what time I do devote to SL is spent on this blog rather than actually playing the game.

I don’t mind, as it’s a labour of love, and something I enjoy doing. An increasing readership means we must be pushing the right buttons somewhere along the line, too, and getting through to others who are captivated by a virtual, SL naturism.

When I do get inworld, I certainly do spend time in my favourite naturist sims, and you’ll notice that there’s often subtle updates to the sims to keep them fresh and interesting. With this in mind, I’ve devoted this entire issue to places we’ve largely blogged before.

That’s OK…they’re certainly worth re-visiting again and again. 🙂

I suppose Wild Coast is possibly the oldest, constantly running naturist sim in SL now. Certainly the oldest established ‘genuine’ (by our definition) naturist sims on the grid. And it’s exceptionally popular. With this in mind, Harry (a member, as am I) met up with one of his oldest SL friends, Ali, to show us around Wild Coast as it is, and explain what makes it special for her.

‘I like the sense of space’, explains Ali, ‘so that I can choose to be sociable or not, depending on my mood. If I want to be on my own, or with one or two friends, I can. If I wish to dance and socialise, I can do that too.’

‘I love this picture (above) which Harry took, as it sums up the lazy, lovely, fuzzy feeling Wild Coast can generate. I just think it sums up Wild Coast perfectly’.

‘I suppose the hair effect on this one (above) is due to transparency on some SL textures, but it has the happy coincidence of making my hair look wet, like I’ve just stepped out of that waterfall. I love this pic. I hope Harry’s going to give me a copy!’.

We left Ali to enjoy the sun, and wandered off around the sim by ourselves. As I said, I’m a member, but it has been ages since I visited, so it was fun to see what’s changed recently.

I’ve mixed feelings about posing for the mag myself. One one hand, it’s not about me, so I tend not to want to be photographed too much for it. On the other, as editor, I need to ‘walk the walk’ rather than just ‘talk the talk’, I knew Harry was snapping away, so when he sent me copies of the photos I thought ‘what the hell?’ and decided to stick a couple on the blog. 

The first (above) shows me using a similar poseball to the one utilised by Ali further up the page, but from a different angle. I look so relaxed! 🙂

And (above) I can almost feel the gentle, warm breeze that is blowing the drapes in the photo.

If you haven’t visited Wild Coast, you should. Although there’s a membership fee for the areas in which the above photos were taken, there is also a free area in which you can try out the delights of this delightful sim. More reportage and photos of Wild Coast will appear in Issue 4, and we’re also planning a visit to its sister sim, the more raunchy Turtle Beach.


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