Size matters…allegedly

RL has swamped me this week, so I’m holding over this week’s posts until next week, and will do a super-sized number of posts (I hope) on Monday/Tuesday of next week.

In the meantime, if you go here, you can pick up a free T shirt in a hunt (the clue is ‘Michaelangelo may have lost his arms and legs, but you might find something’ -it’s a small ipod you’re looking for- that gives the gift. 🙂

Ho hum…it reminds me of one of the perennial arguments that abound in naturist forums, namely a) is body jewellry OK? b) is hair removal OK? c) circumcised or not? (an argument that raged over at Emmanuelle’s now defunct blog when I wrote for her) and finally d) does size matter?

Actually, it does. We don’t need to see elephantine sized penises (or badly matched skin tones) on avatars. Keep it real, guys. Girls, wear this T shirt as a symbol of your admiration for guys’ sense of realism, as opposed to outlandish physical boasting! Keeping it moderately proportioned displays a sense of self-confidence in your avatar and maybe, by extension, the self-confidence of the person behind the keyboard. Discuss.

See you next week for a proper week’s value of SLN!