Issue 3: Going loopy at Lupe’s

Lupe’s is a relatively new naturist location, described as ‘magical’ (and it is!) which is also a home for faerie folk. It is, as described, a ‘magic forest’.

While the faerie folk may find lush green glades in which to do whatever it is faerie folk do in SL. Pardon my ignorance, but I’ve never indulged in roleplay of any kind in SL, historical, Gor, faeries, merfolk, so I’m not quite sure on their activities.

It’s a stunning build of woodlands, beaches, ruins etc, so there’s an element of something for everyone. This makes it sound like a mish-mash. It isn’t. It’s a superbly well done sim that is spacious enough to permit each group to act independently or interact.

I’ve not actually encountered any faerie folk there, so I’m not sure if they remain in character during conversation or adopt a human persona during conversation.

Leaving that aside, it IS a naturist island, and nudity is required, so we at SLN are all in favour of that!

There’s quite a bit to see and do around the island, so we advise you visit forthwith.

(nb: We go to press with this article ‘unfinished’. Howie and Lupe’s owner, Darky, have been in conversation, and I will be contacting him myself, with a view to getting his own input into his hopes and ambitions for Lupe’s. I shall either tack that input onto this post, or publish a new standalone post next week, and link between the two articles. Ella)

Issue 3: Photo page

Another quick round up of images sent in to the mag. If you’d like to have your own photo features, please send it in. (nb: I’m having trouble with our email currently, so if it seems to reject your attachment, try again a little later until I get the settings correct).

(Above) A model who wishes to remain anonymous 🙂

And finally, or maybe not 🙂 we feature Claudia, wading into the blue sea around Mykonos, featured in our ‘Travel Supplement’. 

Claudia also provides the…um…scenery for our back cover!

Issue 3: Next time…

…Perspectives of Eden

The staff all visit Eden and take us on a tour of their favourite little locations around this naturist mega-sim

…’Wild Naturism’

Stripping off in non-naturist sims (without frightening the natives)

…Is there a place for RL naturism in SL?

Should naturist organisations from the real world be adopting a naturist presence in Second Life?

…a new male writer!

Yes! Finally! A male perspective on SL naturism (yes, we know it’s a picture of a girl in a bikini with a beach ball…but all will be revealed, lol! 🙂 )

…and whatever else we manage to finish off on time.

ISSUE 4 of the SL Naturist will be published on or around Wednesday, June 20th, 2012! Place your order now!!!!

Issue 3: Going by bike

We ran into Lydia Ireman recently, and were delighted to find that, as the World Naked Bike ride season approaches (in the northern hemisphere, at least), that she had set up a group a couple of years ago called the SLNBR (Second Life Naked Bike Ride), with a view to replicating the real life events of similar aims.

Sadly, Lydia informed us that she had handed over management of the group to Lil Lowey (an SLN commentator in the past) because she was heavily involved in a) a bike charity, SUSTRANS (Sustainable Transport) which builds cycle routes here in the UK, and b) was preparing to ride the RL version in Brighton in June.

‘I did a couple of small SLNBRs in 2010’, Lydia informed us, ‘but I couldn’t really do it justice due to exceptionally limited SL time, and because I wasn’t particularly attuned to publicity. We managed to get a few people to join in, though, and it’s something I’d have loved to have built on. I hope Lil can do something with it in the future.

‘The aims of the WNBR are important. Sustainable transport and less dependency on oil. We should all be embracing those ideals’.

I’ve been researching the WNBR, and will be giving a more comprehensive review of it in Issue 4, or as a standalone post, within the next couple of weeks.



We don’t normally blog items like skin and hair. Other blogs do it, and do it well, so why duplicate?

However, when we saw this skin, aptly named ‘Beach’, we knew we had to blog it because it is just sooooooo naturist. And it’s L$0!

On RL beaches, you’ll find ladies who say, out loud and quite firmly, ‘No, I could NEVER do that!’, i.e. take off their bikinis or swimsuits. And within a couple of hours, many will have grasped that naturism is, well, natural, and shed first their bikini tops and then, a little later, the bottoms.

Or else ladies, established naturists, will have been tanning in their own gardens or parks, in a bikini, prior to going on vacation, just to get their tan going.

Either way, there are sometimes ‘white bits’, as part of the tan is at least a couple of days ahead of their more private places, thus creating a two tone tan. This skin reflects that wonderfully.