Low flying aircraft!

Hahaha! I started the day with some specific aims of what I wanted to blog today, but those plans (as usual) have gone out of the window as I’ve responded to events as they’ve unfolded throughout the day.

Thanks mainly to Brenda Hoisin’s input, the plans for today have been radically altered, probably for the better. And I’ve responded because of info received, mostly from Brenda, which has allowed me to input more info in turn and hopefully enhance your SL naturism!

Elsewhere, you’ll find the links to Eden’s ‘Lion’ landmarks, and while leafing through the Eden blog, I happened to chance upon a reference to the Eden airstrip while simultaneously discussing some RL naturist locations with an SL friend.

We happened to be discussing St. Maarten, in the Carribean, which also happens to be a favoured naturist destination for many US naturists through its Club Orient resort.

So far, so good. But wait! The following photo is not faked!

Yep. That plane is actually that low as it crosses the beach!

And so does this one, lol!

In order to give themselves enough braking space, pilots apparently have to use the entire, and I do mean entire, length of the runway. Thus, they cross the beach literally feet above sunbathers’ heads. If you youtube it, you can apparently find footage of planes actually clipping the fence as they cross the beach.One of those moments of synchronicity. I rounded up a Dutch friend, Sanne, to catch a few rays right at the end of the Eden Naturopolis runway. No beach here, so (gulp!) Sanne had to stand right on the runway in order for Harry to capture a few shots. Fortunately, no planes were coming into land at that time. But I really do fancy being stretched out near the Eden runway as a pilot brings his plane into land! 🙂


The Lion Landmarks at Eden Naturopolis

My eternal thanks to the wonderful Brenda Hoisin, co-owner at Eden, who responded to my irritation at not being able to locate specific areas at Eden, namely the Lion Landmarks.

Thanks to her diligence, they’ve all been added at the Eden blog, and the page you’re looking for is here.

I’ve also added Brenda’s link to our slurls page. 

I fully expect our readership to link on through to these locations as soon as they can, and I’ve passed the info onto Harry already, in the expectation that he’ll conduct a few photoshoots at each of the landmarks.

Since I changed the blog, it has been something of a tradition to include a photo in each and every post 🙂 but since this has been done at short order, with no willing victims models online, you’ll have to suffice with a couple of badly done self portraits of yours truly. I shall now point Harry in the direction of the ‘Lion’ landmarks at Eden, with instructions not to return until he has shown each of them off as best he can!


대한민국 or 大韓民國


I’m not sure what’s happened in Korea (that’s the name for Korea in Hangul and Hanja characters in the title, incidentally), but they appear to have discovered SL Naturist, big time!

I don’t kid myself. This is a niche blog. It’s dedicated to a specific lifestyle played in an online game that is, itself, niche. Farmville, it ain’t!

So I am quite satisfied with the traffic we pull in each day, from around the globe. Our audience trickles, in the main, in an upwards direction. Some days are better than others, but I don’t pay huge amounts of attention to the viewing figures. We get feedback, and I know there are readers who enjoy what we write, photograph and pass on to you.

It was therefore a surprise, a shock, even, to discover that yesterday we attracted 8x our previous ever biggest audience, and probably about an 800% rise on our daily average. Almost all of it from Korea.

And today those viewing figures are still huge. Not yet at yesterday’s peak, but alarmingly large for my usual expectations.

As I say, I’ve no indications of why this should be, but for each and every one of those visitors from Korea, and indeed from wherever you are around the globe, I say thank you, and welcome. I hope you can find something of interest here.

Such a huge rise in an audience has set my mind to thinking that we need to think about providing some sort of translation tool on the blog, a development I alluded to in an earlier post. It’s not going as well as I had hoped! 🙂 but I’ll continue to work on that, in the knowledge we’ve an audience for whom Korean script, Cyrillic and Arabic might be useful.



Evacaroline continues to develop Sweden

You’ll find the slurl to Sweden Naturist here, and also on this page.

I do take the time to visit sites we’ve previously reviewed, or simply enjoy during inworld time.

I can meet up with old friends, make new friends, and also keep an eye on what’s going on at the various naturist sims on the grid.

So I’m pleased to report Evacaroline, who owns Sweden Naturist, continues to update her place in a nice, slow manner. I like that it’s a slowly evolving process, because it retains a sense of familiarity, while keeping it fresh.

Manatee Naturist was one of the first places I called ‘home’ when I first joined SL, but it suffered from its owners constant need to tinker and rebuild from scratch. While I met some lovely people there, some of whom still play SL and still feature in my friends list, I found the constant rebuilding irritating.

So it’s good to see Evacaroline do it right. Just little bits here and there.

A new hut at the entrance point is one of the recent additions. Not quite sure what it’s for yet, but time will tell. And some new (to me, certainly) sunbathing towels, with poses, have been added near the small lake and sauna at Sweden. A couple of nice poses can be seen in the photos.




What a fortnight!

Phew! Glad that’s over! I worked 13 days straight there, and came home on Monday, crawled into bed and basically slept more or less through until now, Wednesday morning.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed getting inworld, or doing posts for this blog! I still feel whack-a-roonied (that’s an English phrase for ‘exhausted, non-English speakers, or maybe I just made it up there 🙂 ) but I’ve got today, Wednesday, and tomorrow, Thursday, to give you a few bits and bobs of SL news, reviews and photos.

I’ve had a look at the draft articles I have saved, and frankly they’re all now out of date or have lost the moment, so it’s not like I can fill in my still-tired state by winging it with old articles that never made the cut first time around. Clearly, they didn’t make the cut for a reason.

I’m off right now to tinker with some words, select some photos and make some changes to the blog’s widgets and appearance, if I can! I should be back later today with further posts, and a few changes, if I can actually work out how to achieve them! There’s method in my madness, so bear with me.