Evacaroline continues to develop Sweden

You’ll find the slurl to Sweden Naturist here, and also on this page.

I do take the time to visit sites we’ve previously reviewed, or simply enjoy during inworld time.

I can meet up with old friends, make new friends, and also keep an eye on what’s going on at the various naturist sims on the grid.

So I’m pleased to report Evacaroline, who owns Sweden Naturist, continues to update her place in a nice, slow manner. I like that it’s a slowly evolving process, because it retains a sense of familiarity, while keeping it fresh.

Manatee Naturist was one of the first places I called ‘home’ when I first joined SL, but it suffered from its owners constant need to tinker and rebuild from scratch. While I met some lovely people there, some of whom still play SL and still feature in my friends list, I found the constant rebuilding irritating.

So it’s good to see Evacaroline do it right. Just little bits here and there.

A new hut at the entrance point is one of the recent additions. Not quite sure what it’s for yet, but time will tell. And some new (to me, certainly) sunbathing towels, with poses, have been added near the small lake and sauna at Sweden. A couple of nice poses can be seen in the photos.




3 thoughts on “Evacaroline continues to develop Sweden

  1. Hi Ella
    Could not agree more with the excellent work that Eva is doing at Sweden. Its always fun to go and search out her latest improvements. I am told that the hut by the gate will be a shop of some sort.
    Keep up the good work

    • Thank you Herbie, for that information. Again, Eva’s got it right. If it is to be a shop, it’s certainly properly sized within the context of Sweden. Too often we’re swamped by ‘the mall’ experience in sims, and a small shop will work exceptionally well. Eva has kept Sweden ‘pure’ by not going along a commercial route, thus leaving us to concentrate on the social interactivity possibilities of SL. I don’t think a small shop will diminish that purity one jot.

  2. no shops come into sweden naturist .. it land for nude pepole hwo like chat and meet others.. buy clothes and other stuff can u do in so many other places //EvaC

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