The Lion Landmarks at Eden Naturopolis

My eternal thanks to the wonderful Brenda Hoisin, co-owner at Eden, who responded to my irritation at not being able to locate specific areas at Eden, namely the Lion Landmarks.

Thanks to her diligence, they’ve all been added at the Eden blog, and the page you’re looking for is here.

I’ve also added Brenda’s link to our slurls page. 

I fully expect our readership to link on through to these locations as soon as they can, and I’ve passed the info onto Harry already, in the expectation that he’ll conduct a few photoshoots at each of the landmarks.

Since I changed the blog, it has been something of a tradition to include a photo in each and every post 🙂 but since this has been done at short order, with no willing victims models online, you’ll have to suffice with a couple of badly done self portraits of yours truly. I shall now point Harry in the direction of the ‘Lion’ landmarks at Eden, with instructions not to return until he has shown each of them off as best he can!


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