Coming soon! Issue 4.

I’m heading off on a (naturist) holiday at the end of this month, so Issue 4 will be published in the week commencing Monday, June 18th. There will be no postings for the following week, commencing June 25th, and probably no posts for the week commencing July 2nd. It all rather depends on a) if there’s internet availability where I’m going and b) probably the evening weather. I went to the same place, at the same time, last year and while we had some terrific days, weather-wise, there were a couple of wet, dreary and quite chilly days and evenings.

If that should happen this time out, and I’ve got internet connectivity, then I will report while on holiday! 🙂

What dedication! Well, honestly, there’s nowhere drearier than Spain on a wet day, so writing up a few posts will occupy what will otherwise be a game of jenga or similar. 😦

Harry’s been out and about, with the specific instruction to produce a couple of ‘advertisements’ for SLN Issue 4. The taglines ‘order your copy now’ and ‘available from all good newsagents’ are probably evocative of times-past for many UK readers. I’m not sure how well the taglines will make sense for a non-UK audience.

Anyway, here goes with the first of a couple of advertisements that will appear as posts between now and June 18th, as we ‘big up’ ourselves.


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