If we’re going to advertise ourselves…

…then why not advertise others?

I’ve not contributed recently, but posts from Ella today, coupled to Harry’s photos, made me think that if we can advertise the forthcoming issue of the magazine, then there’s no earthly reason why we can’t ‘advertise’ other locations. We already do, by providing slurls to various locations at our links page, and also in many of the posts provided. We’re a magazine, and our stock-in-trade is essentially rounding up the places we think you might like to visit and then promoting them, for everyone’s benefit.

I should make it clear that no cash changed hands for ‘advertising’ locations in the blog. SL Naturist isn’t, to my way of thinking, a  vehicle to generate money. It’s something we just enjoy doing, about places we like visiting, so why shouldn’t we share our wonder, our excitement and our ‘knowledge’ about SL naturism?

So with that in mind, I popped over to Naked Dreams, Teresa’s build, and part of the Eden Naturist Estate, to bring you my own ‘advertisement’ of sorts. I hope you like it. Thanks to Harry for adding the text, and also for tinkering with my basic concept. Thanks, too, to Ella for embracing the idea. I hope to bring you more ‘Areola advertisements’ in the coming days and weeks.


Excellent idea, Areola, and I’d encourage you to continue on with it. You’re right. SL Naturist is not a money-making exercise, but an attempt to provide those interested in the lifestyle with a direct link into all that’s happening within SL naturism. It also has a ‘serious’ purpose, of sorts, in that we differentiate between genuine naturism and what are essentially sex beaches. Those of us who are RL naturists do like to show our chosen lifestyle in a positive manner, and Ella and the rest of you are doing an excellent job in promoting positive, healthy naturism within SL that hopefully reflects on a positive, healthy RL naturism. That’s my intent in publishing the blog anyway.I sincerely hope we can promote the wonderful builds and imagination of  SL’s sim owners, builders and fellow naturists. Howie Lamilton, Publisher)

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