The Mr and Miss SL Naturist 2012 page…to be discontinued

As Harry says, SL sometimes replicates RL (and vice versa, as evidenced by his occasional photos which attempt to recreate RL situations). Particularly so, with attitudes to photography.

What we’ve learned is that while many people embrace and enjoy SL naturism, and merrily run around in their birthday suits, attitudes change when a camera appears.

This is true in RL, and also seemingly true of SL. Many people, ladies particularly, will run around without a stitch on in SL, but don’t wish to be photographed, in pixel form, for a blog, and have their image published. We always respect people’s opinions on this, and will only photograph without permission if we’re doing a ‘general overview’ of a location where participants cannot be easily identified.

We do ask people if they’d like to contribute to the ‘Mr and Miss’ page, but even willing models for the magazine/blog are, at best, indifferent to the notion of being in ‘a beauty pageant/contest’.

As things stand, half way through 2012, we’ve no one willing to add a portfolio to the page, and I expressed my own uncertainty with the concept on the page when we first added it.

With that in mind, it’s my intention to ‘mothball’ the ‘Mr and Miss naturist 2012’ page in the coming days, and replace it with something new. As there’s some important information, regarding the entire concept, on the page, I won’t delete it, but may expand the theories behind these pageants, and then ‘close’ the page.

As ever, I’d like your input, but I honestly don’t see this as a viable concept within the concept of the blog.


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