The Little Mermaid and the Mona Lisa (Nude Tour of the World and its artworks no.1)

Su Casa appears to have added a ‘little mermaid’, just like the one in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m not entirely sure of the relevance of the fur hat, though! 🙂

Never mind. It adds a little touch of ‘folly’ to the statue, a quirkiness we can identify with. At least the statue is more impressive than I remember the real life equivalent being. You walk down a harbour to be underwhelmed by this relatively small work of art. I do recall being equally underwhelmed by the size of the Mona Lisa, too, when I went to see that.

Inspired by our model’s pose beside a RL work of art, and mention of the Mona Lisa, and I decided that maybe I should embark on a nude tour of the world, taking in artworks, landmarks, wonders, and offer you photos ‘au naturel’. 🙂

I’ll get around to getting my own ‘Little Mermaid’ photo in due course (it has the added advantage of being on a naturist sim) but I thought we’d kick off with the Mona Lisa. So, below, are a couple of photos of me posing beside the painting.

Perhaps you’d like to suggest where else I should visit on my nude tour of the world and its artworks.