The Little Mermaid and the Mona Lisa (Nude Tour of the World and its artworks no.1)

Su Casa appears to have added a ‘little mermaid’, just like the one in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m not entirely sure of the relevance of the fur hat, though! 🙂

Never mind. It adds a little touch of ‘folly’ to the statue, a quirkiness we can identify with. At least the statue is more impressive than I remember the real life equivalent being. You walk down a harbour to be underwhelmed by this relatively small work of art. I do recall being equally underwhelmed by the size of the Mona Lisa, too, when I went to see that.

Inspired by our model’s pose beside a RL work of art, and mention of the Mona Lisa, and I decided that maybe I should embark on a nude tour of the world, taking in artworks, landmarks, wonders, and offer you photos ‘au naturel’. 🙂

I’ll get around to getting my own ‘Little Mermaid’ photo in due course (it has the added advantage of being on a naturist sim) but I thought we’d kick off with the Mona Lisa. So, below, are a couple of photos of me posing beside the painting.

Perhaps you’d like to suggest where else I should visit on my nude tour of the world and its artworks.


One thought on “The Little Mermaid and the Mona Lisa (Nude Tour of the World and its artworks no.1)

  1. Su Casa is Danish friendly and hopefully a bit quirky.
    As you know, Su Casa supports SL art in anyway we can but we only have one true expert. If you want to visit other art sites in SL, not necesarily nude, I suggest that you visit Galeria Artemis as well as Blanchard Hall of UniHispania. Both are genuine SL artist galleries and run by a genuine RL and SL naturist, Duna Gant. I’m sure she will give you what ever information she can.

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