Grab that towel! (A naturist accessory)

Over on the Naturist Accessories page there’s a list of items/links to things that add that finishing touch to your time spent getting an SL all-over tan.

The links there are constant, at least as constant as SL can ever be, so I can be pretty confident many of the locations will be there when new readers wish to check them out.

I could have popped this onto the Naturist Accessories page, but I’ve opted to put this item on the main page because it’s a group gift and, as such, won’t last forever. So if you want it…go get it soon!

This is a free pose (complete with hand held towel) available at Hispose. As the name might suggest, they’re poses for ‘him’, but that’s no reason for us ladies not to pop over and grab the pose for ourselves.


Whenever we go for a dip, naturist or textile, I think the thing most of us reach for first on exiting the water is the towel. I know I do, wiping excess water off before settling down on my beach towel again. And this pose, modelled by our old friend Don, demonstrates this in SL action. You can tell it’s a windy day by the way the towel’s flapping around, and there’s nothing to induce shivering than not getting dried properly before sunning oneself again if there’s any sort of wind blowing.

Don has grabbed his towel after a dip, and dries himself, before sitting down in the free pose.

Other poses from the same set, a further four, are reasonably priced at L$30 each, so a set of five -including the freebie- will set you back a mere L$120.

But will the pose work for ladies?

Well, yes, I think it does, lol!

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