Photo essay with Gabby

Losing all workable speed yesterday set back this week’s posts. I’m holding back some posts (did we tell you Issue 4’s due next week? 🙂 ) so I’ve not developed any real theme, or written any ‘news’ type items this week.

I knew I had to use the lifebelt as a prop, and frame Gabby within it. The effect works well, I think.

But as you know, we don’t like to let a week go by without at least some posts. And this week is no exception. Harry was out and about, as he often is, photographing for SLN (as well as his own projects, and managed to get the lovely Gabby to do a photo session with him.

Another shot using the lifebelt as a frame.

The photos are above and below, with some commentary from Harry in the captions.

I’ve asked Ella to insert this pic as a full size photo.

Why? I think it’s as close to photo-realism as SL can (currently) manage.

I’ve one more post to add this week -an important one- and it’ll appear later today, Thursday.

The shots were all taken at the Eternity Island ‘photo studio’. It’s not a naturist location, so I’ve not given a slurl to it, but feel free to do a search if you wish to use it for pictures of your own.


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