A couple of nights ago I promised I’d put up ‘one more post’. I’m not sure what went wrong, but it never published. I guess I didn’t actually hit the ‘publish’ button for the post. My apologies.

What it was supposed to be was the following, with some ‘important news’, I said in the previous post. regarding the development of the blog/mag.

And what’s ‘important’ is the introduction of two new writers for the blog. 

I’ve been anxious to get a male writer onboard, in order to give SL naturism a male perspective, so I’d firstly like to introduce Pierre, who will focus on just that.

And, ever keen to broaden the range of views we can offer, I’m also pleased to welcome Fionnuala aboard. Each will present their own vision of what they hope to add to the blog/mag in ‘Issue 4’, coming next week. I think you’ll find their views interesting, and I look forward to their adding to the blog/mag.

By way of ‘getting to know you’, Pierre and Fionnuala popped out for dinner last week,and Harry played gooseberry, snapping them over their meal. Remember to keep checking back for publication of issue 4, when you can read their own words.