The BP portrait prize, 2012

I don’t know much about art, unless you categorise photography and what it attempts to achieve as art, but I picked up on this story from the BBC yesterday. American painter Aleah Chapin has scooped a substantial prize for her portrait, entitled ‘Auntie’, apparently of a family friend.

I think it’s marvellous, and shows that beauty isn’t confined to youth. As usual, I tried to replicate it in SL. Probably less successful than previous recreations of RL art that I’ve done, but it’s a picture I will try to re-do at some point in the future, closer to the pose and background.


Interesting…because ‘older avatars’ are a topic discussed, probably as the ‘keynote’ piece, in Issue 4 of the magazine. And I’m in a position to tell you that it will be published tomorow, Thursday. 🙂




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