Issue 4: Editorial

Welcome to Issue 4.

One of the things I’d planned to do with the mag originally was have specified dates and publish ‘quarterly’ or ‘bi’monthly’ but it hasn’t worked out like that. Instead, it has been an ‘as and when’ publication, with proper issues, to which have been added a supplement and regular ‘other’ postings, with the hope/expectation that there’s at least one posting per week.

I expect that, now, this state of affairs will be the norm, unless RL gets in the way, as it will next week when I’m off on my own RL (naturist) holidays, so I expect there will probably not be any postings. Despite wifi access, I’ll be otherwise occupied with the hard work of sunbathing, eating ‘al fresco’, sipping wine under balmy evening skies, a lot of swimming and general lazing about and recharging batteries.

One of the things I will be doing is taking a lot of photographs. Not of naturists, as it goes against naturist etiquette to photograph people without their permission, and invades their privacy, but of the architecture, because we’re hoping to take SLN to a ‘next phase’ by building our own, small sim later in the year and replicate ‘Spain’, and Spanish naturism, within it.

One major problem I have is that I have absolutely no idea how to build, nor time to learn, so we’re probably going to have to do this ‘out of the box’, as it were. To accompany this, there will be a ‘SLN Readers’ group and tag, through which some of us will make additional posts through group messages, and it will be somewhere that readers can pop in and out of and visit us and let us get to know you better. We don’t intend this to be an elaborate sim, just a small, basic place where we have an inworld presence.

In Issue 4 you’re going to find something less ‘themed’, as some other of the issues have been, as I’ve given each of the writers a brief to come up with their own articles, rather than ask for something specific. To that end, all of our writers contribute, including new writers Pierre and Fionnuala, as well as from Pookes, Areola and Harry. We’ve also got a ‘commissioned’ piece, of sorts, with my old mentor Emmanuelle tip-toeing back inworld to write about changes she’s seen during a long hiatus from SL. And, as usual, lots of photographs of how we all enjoy our SL naturism.

I’ve also decided that, in the main, now that we’ve got a bunch of ever-willing models to pose, that you’re probably going to see many of them return again and again, much in the way that other naturist publications do often use the same models. Certainly, British naturist magazine H&E, German mag ‘Sonnenfreude’ and British naturist film-maker Charlie Simmonds have done this in the past, and managed to do this in the past, and continual use of the same models manages to put some sense of personality into the photographs. I’m hoping that we can do the same, as we ‘get to know’ some of the models much better and they, too, impose their own outgoing personalities into the photos and onto the magazine.


As previously mentioned, I’m off on my RL hols next week, so (probably) no postings to the blog, although I’ve allegedly got wi-fi access, so I’ll see if that’s true when I get there!  If we’re having a quiet night in, I might just pop inworld and bring you whatever SL naturist news I think is worth bringing to you.


We use a lot of ‘Eden’ slurls. I do try to ensure that your tp point is a public area, always. However you will know by now that many of the neighbouring islands to those tp points are rented or owned by others, and none as far as I know are security protected. This does not give you carte blanche to poke around others’ property. Please respect the privacy of others, and their property. Don’t island hop, even if the island isn’t being used at the time. Yes, I know it can be hard. I fly around Eden a lot, and sometimes zoom over someone’s house. I do try to use mini map to avoid occupied areas within Eden, and let people enjoy their SL uninterrupted by flying avatars. You may wish to do the same so as not to land somewhere that may incur the wrath of the owner.


The photos on this page are from various sources. None of yours truly, I think I’ve posed enough! 🙂 but just a round up of images before I remove all we’ve gathered to the external hard drive. There are far more photos taken than can ever be used, but I’m thinking of doing an SLN ‘Christmas Annual’ when the time comes to use up more of the images. In the UK, the concept of the ‘Christmas Annual’ will be familiar, where loved weekly comics issued a hardbound Christmas edition and you often woke to find it in your Christmas stocking. My favourite was Rupert the Bear, a weird, quintessentially English and possibly marginally psychedelic bear and his chums in the fantasy village of Nutwood.


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