Issue 4 : On vacation!

Around 10pm, (UTC +1), I’ll be arriving in my Spanish apartment for a week’s much anticipated vacation. Of course it’s a naturist holiday!

One of the things I adore about Teresa’s ‘Naked Dreams’ sim (on the Eden estate) is that it is so reminiscent of my own apartment on a naturist ‘urbanizacion’. I do live, just over a waist high wall, from my neighbours, some of whom are good RL friends and one who is also a SL user.

The architecture reminds me very much of my RL bolt hole (I just wish I could rent or own on Naked Dreams for that reason! I could pretty much replicate our apartment! The only difference is that we step out of the kitchen/dining area onto the roof terrace, whereas ‘Naked Dreams’ has the sunbathing area next to the roof)

So, at 10pm on Saturday, after ‘the other half’ has dropped the suitcases and headed off to a bar to watch one of the Euro 2012 quarter final games…it has already been planned for months with some of our friends who are holidaying at the same time), I’ll tuck a couple of small, tired children into bed and step out onto the terrace with a glass of wine. The scene will almost exactly match that of the photo. If my neighbour(s) are there, I’ll probably have a conversation over the wall with them! 🙂 

When whoever has won or lost the football (soccer, for the benefit of our north American chums) and the other half returns, not overly tiddly, I hope, from the bar, he’ll assume baby-sitting duties while I indulge in one of life’s simple pleasures,a walk around our ‘urbanizacion’, as nature intended, prior to ending up treading water on my back in the swimming pool, gazing up at the stars. It’s an event that will be replicated for each of the seven nights we’re there.

We’ve just put in wifi, but haven’t been there to try it yet, so it’s hard to know how fast or reliable it is yet. If I do get a late night opportunity, sitting on our terrace, sipping wine and listening to some jazz, naked at midnight under a clear, starlit sky, I might log in and check SL, but don’t bank on it!

In the meantime, enjoy Issue 4, and take the opportunity to look over previous posts. See you all in about 10 days time, after I’ve got home and done all the washing.Yes! Naturists seem to end up with a huge amount of washing!


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