Issue 4: Our sort of SL naturism

by the staff 

Ella: I’m very keen on what I call genuine naturism in SL. That is, sims that adhere to proper RL naturist values. I do have to explore quite a lot for the blog, and too often the exploration leads me to ‘nudist beaches’ which are nothing more than sex places. That’s not proper naturism, and so those places don’t feature, despite being very popular, on our blog. This will remain the case for as long as I’m editor.

Harry: I do break out of the naturist sims. Because I’m taking photos for the blog, and trying to make them look as attractive as possible, I’ll take a model to here or there knowing it isn’t naturist, yet we end up taking naturist photos while keeping an eye out for others popping into that sim. As with RL naturism, the idea is not to cause offence. I don’t interfere with my photos, other than cropping or making them black and white. I think I’ve got a responsibility to capture the reality of a location, rather than make it some fantastical place. We could easily manipulate the images, but that isn’t the point of them.

Areola: I’m lazy 🙂 I spend a lot of time in SL, but not so much writing for the blog! I just seem to get into great conversations with people and the next thing I know my entire SL time has been eaten away. I think this is SL at its best. The social interaction. I just happen to be a naturist who does SL naturism, and I tend to make friends in those sims and spend almost all my time in those sims.

Pookes: I’ve had a weird SL naturist life. 🙂 I’m quite militant, so when a much loved and popular naturist sim closed, I took it upon myself to lobby for it s reopening (they just changed it to a textile sim, which undermined their naturist credentials for me). And so I formed the Naturist Liberation Army, lol, and went to war in a balaclava and nothing else. 🙂 I’d say more, but I feel that the entire story might make for an amusing standalone post or an article in Issue 5. Let me just say I’ve been banned from some sims for being ‘militant’, lol. 

Yes, Pookes. This is definitely a story we need to read! Ella.

Pierre and Fionnuala reference their sort of naturism elsewhere in Issue 4

Ella and Pookes were photographed at the North Sea sim, Eden Estate. Harry and Areola were photographed at the GES Naturist Island.

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