I intended to zoom around all the slurls on our ‘Naturist Locations’ page, which I’m pleased to report all remain ‘live’ at the date of writing (5th July, 2012). Only one is listed as ‘non genuine’ (within our definition of what constitutes a genuine naturist location, which is ‘no poseballs, at least in public’), and that’s Hypnosis.

There is no doubt about it, Hypnosis is a lovely build, but there remains a kind of confusion, to my mind, as to how it defines itself. Poses were, indeed, relatively few and far between in public, although they’re much in evidence on the upper floors of the clubhouse. I’ve no real problem with this. Tucked away behind a door, it’s a simple acceptance and acknowledgment that sex is, indeed, a part of both RL and SL naturism, although the RL variety is firmly confined to private locations. 

So, I can live with that, up to a point.

But then Hypnosis uses search tags which include ‘forced sex’, ‘bukkake’, etc, which places it firmly off the naturist map. ‘Forced sex’ is a slightly more sanitised way of describing something else…rape. It’s a shocking crime, mostly against women, and there’s no place for it in society, and in my mind rapists should be locked away, with no hope of parole or early release, for life. And I’ve no time for this within SL either, where it allows players to enact rape scenes (albeit with the participation of a willing partner -who may also be a man, operating a female avi, for the purpose of fulfilling his own sick fantasies on how a rape victim should act, even in a virtual environment).

I would love to add Hypnosis to the ‘genuine’ list, but unfortunately the mixed messages coming out of the sim and its group leave me with no option but to keep it in the ‘non genuine’ section. Of course, there are much, much worse sims out there, nudist or not, and in the overall context of SL Hypnosis is kind of…mmm….maybe OK if you’re to visit with a close personal friend for the purpose of doing what close personal friends sometimes do. For that reason it fits onto our links. Otherwise? It’s not likely to be a particularly social naturism kind of place, despite a nice beach that don’t contain sex poses.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide where it fits with your SL naturism. (Location: Hypnosis, model: Zina)