Night on Bare Mountain

Modest Mussorsgsky composed ‘Night on Bare Mountain’ in 1867. Despite not being a classical music fan as such, it’s a piece I knew, and you probably do too, if you care to take a listen.

I’ve linked to the version in the Disney film ‘Fantasia’ here, should you care to remind yourself of the work. And I’ve deliberately picked the Disney version because, hey. it’s all a cartoon world for us, isn’t it?

Back to the work in hand. I’m always on the prowl, like some of those creatures in ‘Fantasia’, but in my case it’s for the purpose of finding new photographic locations.

Eden remains a constant source of excellent locations, and in this case I tp’ed into one of their Lion locations, the Water Temple, which you can either check out by following my link or else checking it and other Lion locations on Eden’s own blog. 

Now, I keep a fairly extensive list of friends, some of whom will pose at the drop of a swimming costume hat, so when I saw Bill and Tina online I asked if they’d care to help me out.

Happily, both agreed, and the shoot you see here is from in and around the Water Temple at Eden. We all wandered up a nearby mountain (I’m getting too old for this, lugging camera equipment up mountainsides!) and knocked off roll after roll of film, the results you see here. I like the atmospheric shots on a desolate hillside. Carting my own equipment back down the hill, I conceived the title ‘Night on Bare Mountain’.

One other interesting fact. As you can see, Bill retains a shaven-headed avatar. So you can imagine my delight to learn, while researching some background to the music, that its original, Russian title is ‘Night on Bald Mountain’ and this has been translated into English as ‘Night on Bare Mountain’.


PS I’m hoping that, by default, this location now gets adopted as Eden’s own ‘Bare Mountain’ 🙂