New Locations (1) Romantic Oasis

I’m still pushed for SL time, but it’s important to try to keep information regarding SL naturism up to date, so I’ve managed to sneak inworld to review/assess these new spots. I’ll try to turn the new locations over on the basis of one a day over the weekend, and perhaps re-assess or expand the posts as RL time permits, next mid-week.

Sorry for the stop/start nature of the blog recently, but going on RL vacation has meant a lot of RL work ‘catch up’, and it pays the bills! 🙂

So…diving in…(in no particular order), one of these new locations is Romantic Oasis. TP’ing in, the signs are all good, both literally and figuratively. We get clear indications of naturist activity, and an offer to click the sign over the gate to join for L$25 a month. Now, L$25 isn’t a huge hill of beans, but I’m not certain -yet- as to the justification of it when (camming around the ‘exclusive’ area) there’s not a huge amount to do for L$25. A few nice poses in an attractive build, but can the cost be justified?

This isn’t to criticise it outright…yet! I’m uncertain as to how long the place has been opened, or the long term vision intended. Until there’s some indication as to where Romantic Oasis is headed, I’m unclear as to what we get for L$25 a month, particularly when juxtaposed to another pay location like Wild Coast, where we know what we’re offered for the cost of membership, and also have access to an area of like-minded individuals in Wild Coast’s ‘free’ area.


PS. Tomorrow’s report is currently being written up by Fionnuala, who is available to contribute after her own recent vacation (which wasn’t, I’m told, naturist, but a trawl around Poland and the Ukraine watching Ireland’s matches in the recent Euro 2012 football (soccer) tournaments).