Change of page name

I’ve changed the name of the ‘non genuine naturist sims’ page to ‘naturist sims with sexual content’.

I feel this is a more accurate reflection on the intent of the pages, and probably more fairly describes them without imposing our definition of naturism on them.

My own view is that naturism is a lifestyle choice, clean and healthy living, family orientated and excluding public sexual activity. To my mind, naturist sims in SL could and should be rated ‘PG’, as there is nothing dirty or shameful about the naked human body (in either of its two basic models), and quite a bit more ‘dirty’ and shameful about the glorification of war, violence and guns.

That’s not to say there is no sexual activity within naturism. It’s just that it will take place in private, just as it would in any other sim or RL locations, behind closed doors. To have two avatars involved in coitus, in public, in an SL location simply demonstrates a total lack of understanding about what naturism entails, or represents. The provision of such poseballs simply makes clear, to me, that the sim builder hasn’t the necessary understanding of naturism. Occasionally, I feel there should be a case to ‘appeal’ the use of the words ‘nudist’, ‘naturist’ or ‘fkk’ from a sim’s title until a full comprehension of what those words, that lifestyle, entails has been clearly demonstrated.

It is often a non-nudist’s interpretation of what occurs at a nudist location, and for that reason these locations have previously been labelled as ‘non genuine’. I retain the view that they’re not genuine, but I’ve changed the name to ‘naturist sims with sexual content’, because our readerships continues to expand, and our reasons for labelling these sims thus may not be immediately clear.


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