New Locations (2) Realasm naturist beach

Not…um…owning one, lol, I didn’t know that a company called Realasm made male genitalia for avatars until I tp’ed into a location suggested by Ella, Realasm’s Naturist Beach.

Male genitals? Hmm..let’s see…well, it’s quite small! 🙂

Seriously, though, it’s a beach area with a few poses (some explicit) and some advertising for Realasm’s wares. I think it’s simply intended as a Realasm outpost, where you can buy their goods and simply hang out on the various sun beds etc, but it is an exceptionally good concept. Realasm have clearly realised that there are a lot of naturists in SL, and that the guys’ goods are going to be on display almost permanently. With that in mind, an outpost to that effect makes obvious sense, where Realasm’s wares can be bought, fitted and even tried out. [the ‘trying out’ aspect of it means that it will be added to the ‘non-genuine’ list of links on this page : Ella]

I don’t think this is necessarily going to develop into one of the more popular SL naturist locations, but the idea is exceptionally good and one I would encourage Realasm (and others) to develop and expand on.


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