An inworld presence

I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that we can announce an SL Naturist inworld presence very soon.

What I mean is…we’ll have an office you can visit, grab a coffee from, say hello and generally pester me (or some of the other staff) while I’m a-tap-tapping on the keyboard.

I’m really excited by the prospect. I know our readership increases all the time (yep, even over what I imagined would be a quieter summer period we’re maintaining a steady, and steadily increasing, audience) so now’s the time to grab and maintain an inworld presence before SL picks up again, numbers wise (it always does) in September.

SLN, more specifically Howie, the publisher, than me, have a couple of exciting projects in the pipeline, and these will hopefully roll out across the summer so we’re well established for the autumn/fall, and can then dig in for those cold northern nights when the sun seems so far, far away.

I’m reliably informed we should vacate current SLN HQ within a fortnight and move onto our own new base(s?) thereafter. While SLN HQ has, until now, essentially existed as a staff room, a place where we can meet face to face, kind of, the new base will be open to all SL Naturist readers to visit, chat with us, and…you never know…even pose and end up on the cover of the next issue of SLN!



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