It’s my blog, so…

…I’ll pop contributions up where I like, lol.

I’ve not been at Reasonable Desires since…..forever! It’s one of those places that I think has greater appeal for female newbs, since it offers a wide selection of lucky chairs which means it’s easy to win some nice freebie lingerie. I still own and wear the items I got there when I was first in SL on occasion. It also has a new (to me) nice 3-pack of heart themed panties for free, so I picked them up when I tp’ed in earlier.

And why did I tp in?

Harry’s been over there, on the basis that, architecturally, it’s 1930’s themed. Kind of art-deco. And it has much of the colour greyed out, giving it a vintage b&w feel to start with (your avi is likely to be the only thing in colour in larges swathes of it). Harry was going to put his latest ‘vintage’ shoot on the Vintage Page, but I’ve said no. Simply because I like the shoot (I like all of Harry’s work, but some better than others, and this is one) so I thought I’d pop it onto the main page.

I just like the b&w and vintage feel to this one, so some of the shoot is here, with the outtakes going to the Vintage page tomorrow or Friday.






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