Sweden Naturist (a relocation)

After years on the Geum sim, certainly in the three four years since I’ve been in SL, Evacaroline has moved her Sweden Naturist club to a new sim, at Auburn Bay.

And she hasn’t been idle during the change, giving the place a complete makeover. It looks great, and has the benefit of being both familiar, yet brand new. The familiarity comes with the architecture, but there’s a whole new layout, and it has given Sweden a new outlook and freshness.


New locations (3) Las Catalinas

Ooh! I like this one! Las Catalinas seems to be a new naturist location on the grid, and rather lovely it is too. Uncluttered, a nice selection of sociable, rather than sexual, poses and (so far) not overly populated, although maybe this post will alter that a little.

You may also spot that I’m sporting a new hair style, an updo I picked up at Miamai’s store at the Hair Fair, which is ongoing until the end of the month. I’ve opted for this because it kind of fits into the ‘naturist accessories’ category, in that RL naturist (and textile) places will very often feature women who’ll tie their hair up for swimming purposes, and I’ve done the same thing myself. So I picked up this updo for that specific purpose. Generally, we point you at freebie bits and bobs, but this isn’t free, it’s L$200. And we don’t point you at much in the way of skins or hair, so this one’s a first for SLN, I think. [Correct: Ella]

It’s an extremely photogenic sim. We were able to pose time and time again with a feeling that it was all rather fresh looking and I hope the photos bear that out.

Realistically, this post could have contained 20-30 photos with ease and still not exhausted the sights, the poses, the views that it offers. But I’ve decided to be mean, lol, and limit the photos, saving a lot more for ‘stock’ to be used as and when we need them: Ella.

Las Catalinas spells it out in clear and simple terms

I feel certain that Las Catalinas will be one of those laid back, tropical naturist sims I shall visit again and again.