The Naked Rambler

Many people in the UK will be aware of Steve Gough, ‘the naked rambler’. an ex-British Marine who refuses to get dressed, regardless of the circumstances.

Yes, he even has his own wiki entry. He’s pictured (above) with his ex-girlfriend, who accompanied him on one of his naked walks around the UK.

And he’s in the news yet again this week, following his release from prison, his subsequent refusal to get dressed, and subsequent re-arrest, although one Scottish Constabulary initially let him go and he has been re-arrested by a neighbouring constabulary. I’m guessing that the first constabulary, Tayside, were simply pleased to get him ‘off their patch’, and he’s now the concern of the neighbouring constabulary, Fife. So much for solidarity amongst coppers, eh? 🙂

Well, it has come to our notice that SL now has its own ‘naked rambler’.

The unnamed male, who preferred to give his name only as ‘Steve’ (! including the quotation marks) is also a Brit, and claims to be inspired by the real life equivalent.

But why?

‘Steve’ says that “Second Life was supposed to be about freedom, a new beginning, yet we are surrounded by limitations to that. I saw Steve Gough as someone campaigning for the right to be a free individual in a world bound by rules and laws, and his is a benign protest against that. It’s harmless, yet the police are consistently locking him up while others involved in more serious crimes go free.”

French pressure group APNEL (Association for the promotion of naturism and freedom) are keenly following the case, which is where I heard of this.

As things stand, the cost of keeping Steve Gough in prison now runs to £500,000 (half a million) when the associated legal costs are taken into account. That’s $780,000, or 642,000 Euro. Or…gulp…L$1.8m in today’s prices (I hope I’ve got that right).

I have therefore ‘tagged along’ with ‘Steve’ and conducted an extensive interview with him. Pictures of SL’s very own ‘Naked Rambler’ and the interview will follow over the course of the weekend.