Accessorise free!

I have no idea how long this has been up, but over at Eden, right at the tp point, is a board offering a free Eden swimsuit. As well as the thigh high-cut one piece swimsuit, you’ll get a belt for it, and a T shirt proudly proclaiming that ‘At Eden we do it naked’.

Brenda, co-owner of Eden, models the Eden swimsuit on an advertising board at Eden.

I haven’t tried the belt to see if it would work with just the bottoms and ultimately work as bikini briefs that allow you to go topless, but my guess is that it will.

And in the set there’s also a landmark to the makers, Boing, where you can pick up yet another freebie bikini, flip flops (not pictured) and a belly piercing as well.

I picked these up at their Snug Harbor outpost, as what I presume was their main store offered a message ‘region full’. You’ll get both LMs in the Eden freebie, so maybe you can try that too.

‘And what has this to do with naturism?’ you’re asking. ‘Swimwear???’

Boing also offers a selection of wet look/see through swimwear

It has been said before on this blog, and I am happy to repeat the same truism for me too, that even RL naturists aren’t naked all the time. Sometimes -and this goes for textile beach goers too- sometimes it’s necessary to throw on a T shirt after a sea swim, just until warmed through and dried off a little, so the Eden T shirt would be a perfect naturist accessory.

The swimsuit is sexy. A lit bit diaphanous, so tending to show off a little (quite a lot, actually) nipple. And, of course, even when at textile beaches in SL you can proclaim your love for Eden while looking ultra hot!


Thank you Fionnuala. I like these freebies a lot and I will pick up copies myself and also plan to visit the Boing store. Perhaps the time has come for SLN to commission our own swimwear sets too! 🙂 I shall add these links to the ‘Naturist Accessories’ page in a day or so, after the readers have had a chance to read, visit and grab the sets in both locations: Ella

2 thoughts on “Accessorise free!

  1. I can’t believe I missed this entry on your blog. So glad you like the Eden swimsuit – It remains one of the few clothing items that I actually made myself. And I made sure that I put the Eden brand logo right where most people peek when you’re not looking! Incidentally, we have a huge Naturist marketplace over at South East corner of Eden Naturopolis that has heaps of freebies for SL naturist male and female newbies. We have dozens of free (and full perm) male and female skins, shapes, hair, sarongs, flip flops, bikinis and.. erm.. attachments. We urge all SL naturists to strive to make their avis look as human as possible and these freebies will help.

  2. Agreed, Brenda. The word ‘realism’ crops up again and again in the posts! 🙂 We bang on about what’s going to make an avatar more realistic, and we’ll always thoroughly embrace and support those items which take an avi to ‘the next level’.

    I’m going to pick up and run with Pookes idea of a ‘hunt’…kind of…which she mentioned in her ‘Naked Party’ (Desigual stores) post. Organising a ‘hunt’ as understood is out of my comfort zone, but what I will try and do is organise some sort of list of freebies, as are currently available, and maybe encourage new (and not so new) avatars to have a go at creating a ‘freebie avatar’ look with a cash prize for the person who does it best. Still working out the detail, but that’s a plan for a little further down the track.

    Readers…you heard what Brenda said! Get over to the Naturist store at Eden and start plotting a freebie naturist look!


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