Gay, lesbian and bisexual naturist locations

I’ve been asked why I’ve not posted on gay, lesbian and bisexual naturist locations. All, of course, exist in SL.

There’s one reason and one reason only. I don’t favour segregation on sexual orientation, in real life or Second Life. Neither would I post on somewhere actively or aggressively promoting itself as ‘heterosexual naturist’ or ‘straight naturist’.

In my mind, we’re all in this (real or Second life) together, and I’m opposed to people being ‘tagged’ in certain ways. That was tried in 1939, right? We aren’t pink triangles or yellow stars. We’re people. Human beings. All God’s children. However you wish to call it.

Some, both gay and lesbian, will insist ‘no women welcome’ or ‘no male avatars’. So, while gays campaign, rightly, for their rights and equality, which should have been in place in the last century, they seem to imagine others should respect this while they choose to discriminate on the basis of (hetero)sexual orientation. Go figure!

I don’t actually care if this view ‘offends’ people, either from ‘straights’ who hold the view that gay people are some sort of sub-species, or gays who will take issue with me referring to them as discriminatory.

Would a SL sim be permitted to say ‘no black avatars allowed’? I don’t think so. So why does anyone imagine the sign ‘no male avatars’ allowed should be permitted?

By all means construct a gay or lesbian sim, for naturism or any other sort of activity, but for goodness sake don’t insult us with your own narrow minded views.


Spurt Gay beach ‘No women’, it says on its TP notice. 😦

Sinful Lesbian Delights ‘Women only, men only permitted by special invitation, nudity not compulsory but encouraged’

What possible ‘special invitation’ circumstances might exist? Although they at least acknowledge men might be able to visit.

The Bisexual Nudist Beach This looks like a nice little beach at first glance. No poses glaringly obvious, so we might do a report on this one.

French Lovers Resort : Naturist Gay Zone There is no clear indication of a particular sex being banned, so it’s not clear if ‘gay’ would mean a welcome for lesbians too. It’s an utterly gorgeous build, and a Francophone (French speaking) sim. I’ll see if we can find out more about this one and maybe report on it too.

Others exist too, but they seem to be little more than sex places, so they wouldn’t even make the cut for SL Naturist if they weren’t operating sexual apartheid.


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