Want to advertise with us?

If you’re a naturist sim owner, events organiser, naturist accessory builder (genitals, pubic hair, swimwear, anything else you can think of that’s naturist or naturist-related) you might like to consider advertising with SL Naturist.

Our cost to you? Nothing, silly! SL Naturist and like-minded naturist owners/builders work to one another’s mutual benefit. 

Advertising (of sorts) appeared in previous issues of the magazine.

Not an official ‘Naked Dreams’ advertisement, but ‘mocked up’ by us for issues of SLN.

It’s a labour of love for Ella and her team, and I’m delighted that what I imagined would be a ‘niche’ lifestyle blog for a ‘niche’ game-playing system online is rapidly growing in popularity and, readership-wise, is now outstripping (no pun intended) some SL blogs dedicated to fashion, something I’d have imagined would have been much more popular.

That comes down, I think, in part, to the dedication and professionalism of the staff at SLN. I made a wise decision in asking Ella to take on the role of editor and she, in turn, has assembled a group of talented writers and has continued to develop the magazine beyond my initial expectations. I would like to take the opportunity to thank her, Harry, Areola, Pookes, Fionnuala and Pierre for their work and, as time has progressed, their friendship within SL.

I tend to stay away from the day to day operations of the blog (it’s now essentially Ella and her team’s blog born of my mere idea) and I’m not going to change that. My role has been to simply nudge it along occasionally and now I move onto pastures new on a day-to-day SL basis, that of developing ‘sister’ magazine/blogs to SLN, as was always my intention and to develop a ‘stable’ of SL related publications.

Those will be the re-development of what was initially ‘Emmanuelle’s Blog’, and subsequently ‘2EX’ -which is where I initially read Ella’s work (although I knew her from defunct SL naturist sims prior to that)- which some of you may know examined the ‘sexier’ end of SL. I now intend to revive ‘2EX’ and assemble a team of writers for that if I can. And can I also find the time to publish a magazine dedicated to SL arts production? We might just be going to find out!

In the meantime, ‘Issue 5’ is well under way for late August publication, so if you do fancy advertising, send Ella an image of your advertisement and we’ll pop it into the magazine, for free of course.

Howie (SLN publisher)


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