Naturism in Costa Rica : A sea change in SL naturist opportunities?

I’ve always got a few articles on the go, and they exist in ‘draft’ form on the blog until I either publish or abandon them. This morning’s post about Dekade by Pookes reminded me of another post in draft form I’ve not got around to publishing, so I’ve dusted it off, re-written a bit and taken the opportunity to get it published now.

Over at the Costa Rica sim, a place I adore because it’s such a beautiful, detailed and densely wooded and wild place -no shopping malls here!- there’s a scuba diving and nude beach area.

Now, the Costa Rica sim can’t be described as ‘naturist’, but the existence of this small beach area, as with the Dekade skinny dipping area, acknowledges that, yes indeed, people do like the idea of swimming and sunbathing without costumes. The Costa Rica sim can certainly be described as ‘naturist friendly’ because of it.

This set my mind to wondering if Costa Rica, the RL version, was ‘naturist friendly’, and a quick google search reveals that it certainly is, with a naturist resort (Heredia) and some beaches (Playa Montezuma, which looks very like the SL version) available. Costa Rica isn’t somewhere I really expect to visit for naturist (or other) holidays in my lifetime, so you’ll have to excuse my ignorance and need to research it a bit. I also thought that, by ‘nude beach’, it might mean ‘topless beach’, as occasionally used when describing beaches in the Americas (and their SL equivalents), but no, it seems that bare bums are welcome here in a ‘dare as you bare’ clothing entirely optional sense.

Montezuma Beach, Costa Rica

Coupled to Pookes’ discovery of the Dekade skinny dipping beach, I’m wondering if a little bit of a sea change is coming in SL, with sim builders acknowledging the existence of and need for naturist facilities. Maybe. Maybe not. Time will tell.

A sign that hardly warrants the word ‘warning’ any longer. Just your ‘attention’.

One thing I do know is that it expands our, SL naturists’, horizons, and offers a broader choice of locations. And I’m a little excited by the fact that away from the well-established naturist sims in SL, people who aren’t necessarily embracing the lifestyle are acknowledging us and our lifestyle. Long may this continue.

Ella explores Costa Rica’s verdant coastal woodland.



One thought on “Naturism in Costa Rica : A sea change in SL naturist opportunities?

  1. Hello, Ella. I’ve always been an admirer of Costa Rica and it serves as an inspritaton for us all. I was glad to see the bit about Dekade as well. Naturist acceptance in SL seems to be on the rise and it is long overdue. Thanks to you and your staff for showing us these places, either forgotten or never known. Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated.

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