Skinny dipping area at Dekade


Have a sim. Dedicate a small area of it to skinny dipping. Stick in a few trees to hid yourself from ‘everyone else’, pop a swim ball in the water, a towel on the small boar deck, add a sailboat and hey presto!

That’s exactly what ‘Dekade’ have done.

Nothing fancy. Nothing elaborate.

It’s hardly even a ‘sim’, more a parcel, and a small parcel at that. Never mind that, because I guarantee this will remind you of those teenage years when someone shouted ‘hey, we could go skinny dipping’ and you all headed off to some creek that certainly didn’t have ‘naturist rights’, and you either stripped off completely (if you were with your girlfriends) or your undies (if in mixed company 🙂 ) for a furtive summer vacation splashabout!

I’ve pretended there’s boys lurking, so I’ve opted to only strip down to my undies…forgetting that a cooling bathe under a relentless summer sun has the tendency to make those undies a bit see through! Oops!

Maybe the boys have gone…so time for a bit of a sunbathe and at least partially dry off the undergarments. And if someone produces a camera, hide your face! 🙂

Often, these skinny dipping sessions would be tied into a trip to a friend’s house on the river, and the family would have a small boat, so some time would be spent messing around on that, maybe even using it as a diving platform.

And then those pesky boys would return, sending us scurrying into a reed bed to hide until they’d gone, or we got dressed.

Finally, there was the sensation of wriggling back into our jeans still wearing damp undies, before heading off home for tea.

I do remember coming home once with still wet hair and being quizzed by my mother about where I’d been, what I’d done. I finally, red-faced, confessed to having been skinny dipping (one of those times when we did get naked). A few more questions as to location followed. When I told her, she laughed, and told me it seemed to be a summer rite-of-passage in the village where we lived, and that she had done exactly the same thing in the late 50s. I, as a teenager, couldn’t bring to ask my mother at the time, but I broached the subject years later. Did she…you know!

‘Oh, we stripped off completely’, she hooted with laughter, ‘because we didn’t dare have our mums find us out wearing damp clothes. It was also a case of getting our hair tied up and not getting it wet, because that was a giveaway’. It’s hard to think of your mother as a skinny dipper. Still, just visiting this lovely little location brought all those memories flooding back, and I thought I’d share with you.




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