Trailer park trash or ‘Euro camping naturiste’?

I know that US trailer parks are seen as being ‘low rent’. They have these negative connotations attached to them, being where poor people who’ve slipped through the net of ‘the American Dream’ reside, particularly in southern US states. At least, that’s very often the perception of them. And while Okangan Forest, Nudist Resort and Trailer Park advertises itself as a ‘trailer park’, I’d like our readers, particularly US ones, to put aside any prejudices they may have for a moment and look at this sim from a European perspective.

‘Caravan parks’, in the UK and elsewhere, are somewhat similar, but are seen more as a kind of holiday home, often by the sea, for people who live in cities and wish to escape at weekends and bank holidays. To some extent they are equally ‘low rent’ -holiday homes for people who can’t afford a gite in the Dordogne (France) or an old farmhouse in Tuscany (Italy). 

Pensioners, even relatively wealthy ones, often buy touring caravans and scoot around the country, stopping up in a network of caravan parks at night and enjoying getting away for a few days (while drivers in queues behind them fume! 🙂 ) 

So it’s as Winston Churchill described the relationship between the US and UK…’two nations divided by a common language’.

Rather than think of Okangan Forest and Nudist Resort as a trailer park, look at it from a European perspective and view it as a kind of Eurocamping sim. Eurocamps aren’t naturist, although their style and outlook are replicated, on a smaller scale, by a loose collective of naturist camping sites in France operating under the France4naturisme banner. And for those interested in these sort of things, I can tell you I’ve ‘camped’ (in luxurious tented surroundings, with double beds, TV etc) at six(!) of their eleven sites.

I tp’ed into Okangan with that perspective and outlook and was delighted with the sim. There’s about a dozen trailers for rent (at affordable rents, too) around a lake, some nicely laid out roads and a manager’s office and tiki bar. Immediately, I can see the sheer potential of such a build. One, it’s affordable rent and two, it’s small enough to be able to ensure that neighbours will dwell very much on the social aspect of SL. You will know all your neighbours in time if the park fills up. I sincerely hope they do, because it’s a delightful place that I really, really hope succeeds. Ha! I’m almost tempted to replicate the entire thing with Winnebagos and a beach for that Euro feel and move right in!


(with thanks to visitor and potential Okangan resident Doksie for posing for some photos)

A reminder/New readers please note: My ‘weekends’ are currently Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and this is when the bulk of my SL activity, and posting to SLN, takes place. If you’re dropping me a note, and IM and email or anything else, bear with me on getting back to you, as I don’t make it into SL, or even the blog, every day.



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