A familiar scene at naturist beaches is people ‘bottomless’. This isn’t because they’ve been overwhelmed by uncertainty and self-consciousness, but is the result of the upper body liable to feel any chill much more readily than the bottom halves of our bodies.

Emerging from the sea, I’ll throw on a T shirt for five minutes until I properly dry off and warm up, and heading away from the beach at the end of the day, as shadows begin to cast themselves long, you can see many people, male and female alike, pop on a shirt of some description as a barrier against the relative chill caused by building shadows or the sun making its way down behind the hills that overlook our naturist home.

As a result, I sent Harry out asking for such photos, of naturists maybe leaving the beach at the end of the day, bag in hand filled with their usual naturist accessories.

A small and quickly done series, but with the intention of replicating real naturist life for SL.


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