Moving in (2)

OK people…we’re moving into our new offices inworld 🙂

I’m really excited about this and hope that some of you who read SLN will drop by and say ‘hello’ if you get the opportunity. I will be spending quite a bit of time behind my desk, staring out of the window and thinking up new ideas for SLN, lol. It’s my intention, where possible, to keep SL running in the background while I work on articles. Perhaps there’ll be too many interruptions, I don’t know, but I’m going to give it a go. Currently, I go offline to do the writing thing, but I’m prepared to give multi-tasking a bash. I’m a woman, so how hard can it be!

The next couple of weeks promise to be hectic, in and out of SL. Besides trying to keep the blog ticking over, we’re now into preparation of ‘Issue 5’, to be published at the end of the month, and I’m also whizzing around trying to pick up some furniture for the offices. I think we’ll maybe be dividing the three rooms up, with a photo studio for Harry in one, and maybe some sort of living space in the second, with the third being the office.

Of course, it’s naturism darling, so ‘work’ may consist of lazing on the couch we’ve already set on our balcony. 🙂

(l-r: Ella, Pookes and Harry)

As usual, we do try to get together from time to time inworld to discuss ideas ‘face to face’ as it were, as much as RL permits. I managed to get three of us, Pookes, Harry and I, online at the same time to pose for a group, staff photograph. Areola, unfortunately, wasn’t able to make it due to a prior RL commitment.

And she made a very valid point when not being able to participate. ‘Why can’t I access SL from my ipad?’ I’ve done some research and apparently it’s next to impossible, other than using a text based viewer for chat. No avi on an ipad, for now. Maybe by the time we get to ipad6…

Otherwise, we might have been able to assemble the full crew for you! A rarity as it happens. I can only recall one instance in the whole time I’ve been running the blog when all four of us were online together. Now we’ve got Pierre and Fionnuala writing bits as well…six of us online together seems very unlikely.

So, signing off for this week I’ve decided to pop up a couple of photos of the staff, or three quarters of it (or half, depending on how we categorise Fionnuala and Pierre). I’d rather we didn’t have to pose. Not because we’re shy, far from it, but because there’s far too many photos of us on here. It’s all about you, it’s all about others, not just those of us who bring you SLN.

Next week’s posts are likely to be…sporadic! In RL I’m taking possession of a new iMac. Yeah, I thought it would be here this week too! So I’ll then need to transfer links to the new computer, download viewers etc….so posts will probably be hit and run.

We’re also debating whether or not to squeak out a supplement we’ve been planning for some time. Don’t hold your breath for next week, as events may overtake the blog.

Oh, and I should add, for the benefit of new readers who may wish to contact us inworld, our avatars are Ella Keng, Areola Resident (although she has adopted the surname ‘Mamelon’), Harry Leistone and Eva Pookes -but please don’t call her Eva! It’s simply Pookes, unless doing a people search. Until next week…


Reader Contribution from ‘V’

Inspired by our post about the Costa Rica sim, reader Veronika tp’ed over there herself and subsequently sent us a few photos she took.

If you’ve visited any of the locations we report from, and taken photos, we’d love to see them and add them to our ‘Readers’ Contributions’ page. We’ll have another in ‘Issue 5’, out at the end of this month.