Secret Swimming

I picked this article up from today’s (English) Daily Mail newspaper. Although it’s a skinny dip, it’s not entirely clear if all future ‘secret swims’ are going to be nude. The group’s own website has pictures and I’m still unclear as to the ‘skinny’ nature of it. Is it just a case of swimming in wild places? Or does the nudity element of it have a key role? Time will tell.

However, clothed or not, I’d be keen to be involved in future swims if they’re near where I live. They’ve also got a Facebook page. Follow the links on their own site to join that if you wish.On doing so, one of the photos from a ‘secret location’ in Ireland suggests cossies are part of the deal. Either way, I’m interested. 🙂 The group’s founder, and also the founder of Secret Cinema, Fabien Riggall, seems to suggest there will be an emphasis on the ‘skinny’ aspect of it.

That got me to thinking. Should we have our own ‘Secret Swimming’ group in SL? I’ve got my swimmie attachment and can take to the water anywhere in SL, but it’s always nice to find the occasional non-naturist spot for a skinny dip. It’s ‘only’ SL, but it still creates the slight felling of daring we feel in real life. Should we encourage a secret swimming group in SL to effectively ‘flash mob’ a location, let others know what we’ve found via group chat and all tp in? Would you be interested? Let me know your thoughts.







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