Pink Thing

Absolutely, 100% off topic, but it’s a topic close to my heart, as I’ve lost two family members to breast cancer.

The Pink Ribbon Fair, which is intended to raise money for this horrible disease women (and men too!) sometimes suffer from, is now on. The pink ribbon is, of course, the symbol of breast cancer awareness worldwide.

The hunt has its own blog, which tells me that it opened on August 3rd. Disappointingly, my own experience is that it has not been well publicised, or possibly I just missed links due to the likes of the hair fair going on as well.

And I still wouldn’t have known anything about it except for the fact I ran into an old friend, and co-author on Emma’s old blog, Marlene, during the housewarming I attended last weekend.

Marlene dropped out of reporting for Emma’s blog around the same time I left to work on this blog, and I’ve rarely spoken to her or seen her online since. But during a conversation at the party, the topic of the fair came up, and I’m more than enthusiastic to allow Marlene to guest write for us. I know it’s not naturist, but it’s important. Please take the time to read her words, and then maybe visit the fair and donate whatever you can.


‘As Ella said in her intro, I left SL about the same time she began this blog, having been diagnosed with breast cancer. Following a mastectomy, I entered a period of chemo- and radio-therapy. Both are horrible, but essential bits of the road to recovery. I gave up the job I was doing to work, for much less money, at a UK cancer charity. I felt it was something I had to do.

I’m recovered and cancer free now, and my job means much less time for SL, although I still pop in from time to time. But those RL events also shaped my SL to some extent as I felt my SL should reflect my RL. I took off my long, flowing flexi locks to appear bald when I came inworld, and subsequently wore a bandana. My hair has grown back now, although I’ve kept it short, short, short on my avatar to represent it being in the process of regrowth.

Please, whatever you can donate to the Pink Ribbon Fair, do it. It’s important that, if we can’t cure this disease, then we improve detection and thus recovery rates.

One thing missing from my life is a breast, but I’m alive. One thing missing from the Pink Ribbon Fair is (I’ve asked for this before) a one-breasted mastectomy skin. Maybe it’s too hard to draw, I don’t know, but I know I’d pay L$5000 for one if someone made it. Why? Why do that in the land of the eternally young and beautiful? I feel that it’s important that people are aware of the physical changes, aware of the disease, aware that it’s possible to recover from it, aware that losing one or even two breasts does not make a woman less sexy. I can, will and do ‘lecture’ people, in RL and in SL, if they ask.’

Marlene Macbeth.

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