Don’t you hate it when that happens?

Rok, owner of Nudity Where art thou?, is a busy man. And sometimes, if he’s busy elsewhere, the reception desk at the Hotel de Jardin goes unattended.

And…I shouldn’t say this, it feels like telling tales out of school…when he’s not around jacques the Barista leaves his post to top up his tan on the beach across the promenade. And then someone turns up!

Well, we’re getting into a groove here at SLN,having established our base, and spending hours drinking coffee and gossiping about the hot men wandering by. 🙂 

So when a guy turns up and asks for coffee, it kind of fell to me to deliver while Jacques was AWOL.

I’d make a terrible barman/barista, as I’m a lousy listener. The guy unloaded his woes onto me, and as the drink flowed in the piano bar (although he was pretty good at ‘have one for yourself’) across the lobby, I heard all about his marriage, his kids, university fees, football, car racing and much else besides.



(with apologies to the long-suffering Bill, a SL friend, who posed in the role of boring barfly 🙂 )