Buffy’s Cove Closed?

I’m sorry to report that Buffy’s Cove is ‘missing’.

We’d planned a photoshoot there today (Monday), and it’s gone. I’m not sure if this is temporary or permanent, but I’ll keep you posted 😦



UPDATE: As Gray says in the comments, its closure is permanent 😦 Not good news for us. However, I’d remind you that Eden Dreams, Teresa’s wonderful ‘rebuild’ of the geography of Buffys, remains open. 🙂

Go Topless

Sunday, August 26th is Go Topless Day, celebrating its fifth year. This year, it coincides with Womens’ Equality Day. (also a US-centric commemoration, to celebrate women being given the vote).

This is more of an American initiative than anything else, evidenced by the fact that the group’s website talks of womens’ ‘constitutional rights’. We don’t have a constitution as such in the UK (our constitution being seen in law as various bits and bobs from Magna Carta to a Bill of Rights). No marches or events are, as far as I can make out, taking place in the UK, although there’s several events taking place around the globe.

Whatever the national core of the organisation, we’re in agreement with the basis of the argument, and the rights of women to be equal to men.

Although there’s no UK involvement, it’s worth reminding people that we still have some way to travel in our British attitudes to breasts, with the media doing much to maintain a tightly focused sexualisation of them. Some UK tabloid newspapers feature a topless model each day, and the model isn’t being admired for her intellect, regardless of her educational achievements. Called ‘Page 3 girls’, they’ve got their own wiki entry here. Other countries also have their page x girl in some of their newspapers.

I’m ambivalent to the phenomenon. While I can see that it’s ‘demeaning’, literally stripping a young woman to her breasts and sexualising her for that alone, I can also see the argument that runs ‘who, exactly, has the power?’, if we take it that girls utilise their beauty in order to earn cash they might otherwise not have had access to. In the main, though, I’d be in favour of its discontinuation if we could achieve a society where we don’t just see women as ‘a pair of tits’. And thus, if Go Topless Day pushes the agenda for equality, and the de-sexualisation of breasts, forward in any way, I’m in favour.

Go Topless advise women can either go topless, if joining in, or use nipple tape of some description to cover the very things that have led to this inequality situation. As a result, I’ve checked on the marketplace, and have found several L$0 nipple pasties so that you can join in, in spirit, this Sunday when you log in. Either go topless or use the pasties you can get for free. These are something else that I’m ambivalent about. I think they tend to emphasise the nipple area, and become an item of sexual allure, as opposed to an item of modesty. I’ve never owned a pair, RL or SL, and I’m not starting now! That said, we got a model to show off the marketplace freebies. Now, really, tell me what you think. Pasties? No pasties? No leggings too? I know which looks the most beautiful. (Photos by Harry at Su Casa)

Our old friends (check the pack posts) Femen are apparently going to be involved during the RL Paris event. I think we may pop along to the SL Paris, on Sunday, to show our SL solidarity. 🙂