Sweden: A plea.

Eva, a long time friend of SL naturism, has sent out a group notice in which she’s asking if people still want Sweden to exist. It looks like a lack of traffic may have Eva thinking we no longer care.

We do care, and we love Sweden.

I’m not sure if it was it or the now defunct Manatee at which I spent a lot of time hanging out in my early SL days, but I made a large number of SL friends there, some of whom remain in my friends list almost four years on! Yes, I can be as bad as everyone else in not visiting from week to week (although I try to make sure I drop into ALL SL naturist places every couple of weeks to report changes, etc.

Fortunately, some members of the Sweden group have rallied to support Eva and make it clear how much they, and we, adore the sim.

I’d ask that the next time you’re in world, drop by at Sweden and ensure that Eva knows we, the SL naturist community, appreciate and adore her efforts, and admire her constancy in an ever changing SL world.

My ‘weekend'(!) is coming up, and I’ll be inworld quite a bit over Wednesday evening, Thursday and Friday, so I’m going to make an effort to get over to, and hang around, Sweden for an elongated period each of those days, so anyone wishing to join me can drop over and say ‘hello’.

Eva’s concern demonstrates that we, the SL community, owe it to each other to support the sims we visit and enjoy. It has also made me aware for us to have an SL Naturist group, complete with tag(s), so that you can join, for free, and get instant updates on the state of play each time you log in. This group will be set up during my ‘weekend’ and I’ll post when it’s available to join.

I haven’t got time right now to do any photos myself, or ask Harry to do a shoot at Sweden, but this too will be done over the next couple of days to remind you all what a wonderful place Sweden is. In the meantime, a library shot of Diana at Sweden will have to suffice.