The Politics Issue delayed/cancelled?

We’ve finished off the Politics Issue. It was meant to be this week’s ‘big production number’, with several projected articles and pages.

But I’ve pulled it from the schedule as a debate rages on what our intentions are with it.

I’ve written the editorial four times now, and am still unhappy with it. Fionnuala and Areola were so unhappy with the entire concept of it that they’ve both left the team 😦 It’s almost at the stage where the Politics Issue could finish us off, rather than us finish it!

The staff aren’t airheads who just prance around naked in an online game. We’re engaged and political people with concerns about society, the real world we live in and how it all impacts on our Second Lives. And the emails between us have shown how much we care about getting it right, about what we’re trying to say. And we’re all individuals with individual political stances which can’t be easily reconciled. We did want to make a statement, but despite my assertion that individual views should all be accommodated people weren’t happy with their SL names being associated with the views of others. In effect, given their first real chance to reach a new level of blogging, Fionnuala and Areola refused to accept one another’s views, or mine, and how those views should be seen over the internet. And I refused to promise to pull the whole issue ‘forever’. It’s still something I think we need to publish, but in what form, with what included and excluded, I’m not sure. Neither Areola or Fionnuala wanted to possess an avatar associated with particular views on a blog. Which is fine. I understand where they’re coming from. It is only a game, and for us to up the levels of seriousness associated with it meant we could conceivably have been accused of flaming/trolling, even though it might only be the expression of views relating to other in world views in specific sims.

Without outlining the specifics (and I’m not going to do that), then the above maybe seems a bit unfocussed.

I wish Areola and Fionnuala well with their Second Lives, but now’s a time for regrouping and focusing on the naturist element of it all again. Issue 5 will appear next week, with contributions from Areola. Fionnuala haas asked that her work isn’t used, so I’ve now got a bit of space that needs to be filled between now and then.

I have to say this wasn’t what I was expecting when I started SLN, lol.


One thought on “The Politics Issue delayed/cancelled?

  1. Ella,

    Sorry to hear that your team is breaking up as I have enjoyed the blog a great deal. I had wanted to share some thoughts on a more personal level but did not wish to use such a public means as this and didn’t think an IM or notecard would reach you in world. Again, sorry to hear about the team but I am confident that you will be able to keep SL Naturist moving forward. If I can help in any way please let me know.


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