Issue 5: Introducing Barbara

I’ve managed to replace Fionnuala fairly quickly with a new writer, Barbara. I’ll let her introduce herself in words and pictures herself.


‘Hi, I’m Barbara, a lady of a certain age 🙂 whose avatar is intended to reflect that. Shorter, greyer hair and a bit bigger around the middle, lol. It’s the badges of life, and I’m not ashamed to proudly present myself as a woman of a certain age in SL. I’m glad to be here, writing for SLN and sharing my SL naturism with you.

Having got an invite (I’ve been a friend of Ella’s for quite a long time, although we didn’t meet at a naturist place as I recall) to join the crew, I thought I’d check out the ‘home sim’ at Nudity Where Art Thou and wander around a bit. I’m not as dedicated a naturist as the likes of Ella might be, but I have been known to visit beaches in the past in both SL and RL, although ‘topless’ is more my main mode of swimwear on RL beaches. What else do you need to know? We’ll find that out as we go along together, I expect. In the meantime, here’s some photos of me exploring Nudity where art thou…:)


Haha! I’ll have that Cannonball Adderley LP, thank you very much!

Not another cock-up on the drinks ordering front! It’s enough to turn a girl to…well, drink with no alcohol in them!

Chopsticks never sounded so good

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