Issue 5: The current state of play

I suppose that, if we’re honest, we’re in a bit of a SL naturist ‘trough’ at the moment. No one’s putting up new clubs, and older ones like Buffy’s Cove have, sadly, now gone.

All is not gloom and doom, though. The main, existing ones continue to thrive (I hope) and certainly the likes of Eden, Su Casa, Nudity where art thou, Wild Coast and Turtle Coast seem busy and vibrant. Evacaroline, owner of Sweden, ‘reinvented’ it, and appeared to be undecided about her Sl future -at least regarding naturism- for a while. I hope she got the necessary support to encourage her. We need each and every one of these clubs, and need them to have their own identity and for those who pay the tiers to feel that their work is deeply appreciated. I know I love all of the above and they deserve our deep thanks for providing locations in which we can virtually pursue a lifestyle.

Always be sure to say ‘thanks’, where you can, to the likes of Rok, Gray, Elbag and Brenda, Eva and Kaiya where you can to let them know you’re grateful for their efforts in ensuring you can fully enjoy your chosen SL.

Of course, it’s summer (just ending! 😦 ) which flattens out SL a little bit, as it does a lot of other internet sites. Bloggers, regardless of whatever topic they’ve chosen to write about,  take holidays too, and even this one is off for the first week of September to catch a few rays of late summer sun 🙂

I suspect we’ll maybe see some new locations up and running in the fall/autumn.

It’s not just about ‘locations’ of course. We must recognise that it’s a niche lifestyle (even though many avatars might like to look at naked men/women) and there’s only so many of us who actively, regularly exist as SL naturists. That means that the number of locations available to you reaches a natural level. And there are now big players in the SL naturist game, with the efforts of others being bit part by comparison.

The good news is that Brenda and Elbag continue to create an SL within SL, for naturists, Gray’s Su Casa is a tropical island paradise, Rok’s Nudity where art thou is a unique Mediterranean feel, Eva’s Sweden has the air of a clean air, northern European location which gives them all a unique feel, hence the need to revisit each time and time again.

I salute them all, with particular thanks to Rok for his kind offer to locate the SLN offices in his sim. I’m eternally grateful for the chance to give the mag some inworld ‘roots’.

I think, on balance, while the state of SL naturism has been better (in terms of sim numbers) it has also been much worse (in terms of what we can do within a smaller range of sims).

Dr Ella Keng, Doctor of Nudity, as bestowed by the SL University! 🙂

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