Issue 5 : Wet ‘n’ Sexy

I arrived at night, and was so struck by some of the lighting that I didn’t even bother to change my environment settings. I think you can probably imagine the warmth of the evening, the smell of foliage, and the sound of the cicadas as I wind down after a hard day’s sunbathing.

The name, Wetnsexy Beach, doesn’t inspire confidence in what Ella would call genuine naturism, but I’m not sure yet about this relatively new beach. I tp’ed in as visitor 388, I think, so it’s obviously pretty new. Sure, there are poseballs, and poseballs aplenty, but they’re tucked away in private quarters, so they aren’t ‘in your face’. I guess it will depend on the needs of the users as to what sort of emphasis the beach takes.

If you don’t want to use the pose balls (I tried some of the solo ones, hahaha) then there’s enough sunbathing type poses to enjoy on this beach. Yeah, probably not a genuine sim, by Ella’s definition, but you need to maximise traffic, and lets face it, it’s what some people come for on some nude beaches. I’ll leave it up to Ella to determine her categorisation of it, but I think it’s a cute little beach that would be well worth visiting at least once or twice, and certainly with environment settings on ‘midnight’ for one of your visits.


(Thanks, Pierre, it certainly looks beautiful from the pix. I’m not going to pre-judge a sim on the basis of a few pose balls, so we’ll see how this one develops. I certainly recall my first naturist ‘home’, Manatee, had a place away from the the madding crowd where those inclined could ‘make out’ 🙂 and it didn’t distract from it being a genuine naturist place. I think there’s a tipping point, and I’m not judging a beach that’s new and trying to find its identity immediately: Ella)

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