Issue 5: Ballooning at Su Casa

It’s easy to get jaded in SL, once you’ve stood in a room full of furry hermaphrodite foxes discussing the Christian Right. Sometimes SL can feel like a bar scene from Star Wars where all manner of living creature hangs out. I’ve tried a fair manner of things I will never get the chance to do in RL, or wouldn’t have the bravery to do, such as naked skydiving. The ‘naked’ part doesn’t scare me. Flinging myself out of an airplane with some cloth and string for company is the bit that would terrify me.

It’s therefore delightful to re-visit old experiences and find they’ve not become old-hat, such as the Su Casa balloon ride (photographed here by Harry, with model ‘Red’ posing beautifully for us). It’s still a delightful, gentle ten minutes spent, and with judicious use of camming, and environment settings, each balloon ride can be unique and great fun. (I did this a long time ago and my main recollection is that breast physics work exceptionally well, lol. I think I should do it again soon : Ella)

If you’ve got ten minutes, I think the Su Casa balloon ride is a lovely way to idle away some SL time and also practice your camping, as the elevated position gives a panoramic view of SL, and undertaken at a pace that provides views you wouldn’t normally imagine if you simply fly around Su Casa (or any other sim for that matter).


Issue 5 : Advertisement, Praia Abrico

We don’t charge for advertising. It’s simply a way of reminding people what’s available to them in their SL naturism. In this case it’s Abrico Praia, a Portuguese speaking, Brazilian beach. A long-established location in SL, we’ve decided to do a report and photos from Abrico in this issue.

Forum Firmana

While losing Buffy’s Cove was bad, in that it was just anise, familiar, lovely naturist sim, it was made worse by the capacity to rezz objects there, wander about naked and try new clothes on. I used to use it regularly for unpacking purposes and then stay, often getting into conversation with others, some of whom seemed to be doing the same thing.

So, where can nudists unpack stuff now???

Don’t panic, help is at hand.

Forum Firmana is a naturist retreat/sandbox, so us naturists can hang around wearing nothing while unpacking gifts and trying things on.

It’s not new, but it’s somewhere I’ve never personally visited before. There’s a cute statue-bot at the tp point, hohoho. Other than that I didn’t actually encounter any naturists in this Romanesque sim, but it’s good to know we have a place that is a naturist friendly sandbox.

Smoother sailing :)

You know where you read about bands being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and they tend to bury the hatchet (not in each others’ backs) for at least one evening?

I’m pleased to say that, in a roundabout way through the efforts of the Dean of SL University’s Faculty of Nudity, we’ve got Areola back on board! 🙂

We were presented with our doctorates this week, which are now hanging on the wall of the office, and Areola was presented with one too. So I asked if she’d, you know, like to pose and she agreed! We got talking about the ‘P*litic* Issue’ 🙂 and I’m happy to say we’ve resolved that issue for now, so welcome back Areola!



Areola hams it up at the Diploma awards ceremony 🙂

We hung around for drinks and nibbles afterwards, and Pookes decided she wants to be called Dr. Eva Pookes from now on, lol.