What I saw, day 1

Since I actually have internet access, and while Dad’s reading a couple of over-excited children a bedtime story, I’ve retired to the balcony to sit in the warmth of a balmy Spanish evening, as nature intended, and recall the day -with relevance to SL and SL naturism, of course!

A pretty typical naturist Sunday in Spain, all told, with lots of families on the beach. The stand out image of the day, however, goes to the couple in their 70s who passed our apartment at lunchtime, her only sporting a sun hat and some nipple piercings(!) and him only with a couple of genital piercings(!)

I thought it, well, slightly odd that people of that age should be sporting such decoration but then I remembered one of the central tenets of naturism, that we’re very accepting of everyone and everything. And having done so, I thought it was gorgeous that people of a certain age hadn’t forgotten how to be themselves, be adventurous, be young! 

So that sent me scurrying to my female alt, ‘Eve’, to purchase an ‘older’ skin, some white hair and…help!…some nipple piercings. I wouldn’t do it as Ella in SL or me in RL, but I felt it was important to try to provide an image that replicated my RL naturist experiences today. And so the image, of an elderly naturist, should remind us that age is only a number, with youth still a state of mind in the head. The couple in their 70s passing our apartment looked lovely. ‘Eve’, my quickly assembled 70 year old naturist (sans nipple piercings, which haven’t worked out right!) looks equally lovely.

Now, himself and I are off to share a bottle of rioja, so think of us 🙂


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