A postcard from Spain, day 3.

Weather isn’t something that, in some instances, can’t be easily represented in SL. Sure, we get the usual outbreak of snow on previously tropical islands at Christmas, but apart from sun (the midday setting) and occasional representations of rain at some sims, that’s it.

So ‘windy’ isn’t something I can readily bring you, other than to say that it’s windy here, to the extent that the waves are up, the yellow flags remain out, warning bathers that it’s not a brilliant idea to go in. The best I can manage is to go have gone to Su Casa and capture the waves rolling into the beach, which gives a little sense of ‘surf’s up’.


Your wiener’s bigger than mine!

Now, I know that the word ‘wiener’ has different connotations in the good old USA than it does in Europe 🙂

That not withstanding, I noticed that a hot dog vendor has set up shop just outside the Hotel du Jardin, as we keep calling it, although to give it its proper name, it’s the Hotel Le Jardin d’Eden.

A little bit of a history lesson coming up. The Wiener are what Germans call the Viennese, and the sausage known as a ‘wiener’ was invented by a German butcher who moved to Vienna, hence its name elsewhere. But in Vienna the sausage is known as a frankfurter, on account of the German butcher who invented it coming from Frankfurt.

Anyway, when I saw him there I thought ‘I know who needs to pose for photos! Harry!!!!’ 🙂

Well, there are times when Harry says ‘any chance of you posing?’ and we do, so I thought the tables should be turned for once.

I tp’ed him over and popped a dog in his hand. ‘It’s breakfast time’, he moaned.

‘You don’t have to eat it. Just pose with it and let me do the rest’.

‘You’re up to something. I can tell’.


Anyway, Harry, here’s the pix, and a suitable text to go with them!

‘You’re joking, right?’

‘I can’t believe how small it is!’

‘You appear to have a larger one’

Pookes 🙂

Updated to add: In honour of Harry’s wiener, the street has been renamed.