A postcard from Spain, day 5

This holiday’s costing me a fortune in L$!!!!! 🙂

In the need to be quick, instantaneous with ‘what I saw’ each day, I’ve had to roll out my ‘SLN, Eve’ and ‘SLN2, Adam’ alts. I only keep them for such emergencies when I want photos and want them now!

You can tell how little thought has gone into ‘Adam’ due to the fairly basic skin he’s wearing and, while not pictured, he operates a non-scripted (non functional) penis, the Midnight Lotus free edition. In fact, the only cost that has gone into him has been the hair I had to buy to replicate today’s scene from real life.

As usual, I wandered off to the sea with a cup of tea this morning, and with the surf still up, there’s little likelihood of sea bathing for anyone. Never mind, the residents seem to know how to keep their exercise up. For there on the beach was a man, bearded and white haired, doing some yoga exercises. Probably in his 60s, but looking 20 years younger as a result of healthy outdoor living here, and his own fitness regime. I watched for some time as I drank my tea, fascinated by his suppleness and vigour at an early hour. 

As I drained my cuppa and got up to leave another man, naked apart from a pair of running shoes, jogged past on the sand. Even without the aerobic exercise provided by getting into the water, the locals and tourists alike seem to find ways to keep fit.

And then it was back to our apartment to quickly find some white hair (I passed on the beard) and press ‘Adam’ into service and pose him at Eden’s outdoor gym, also doing some yoga.


A postcard from Spain, day 5, part 2 : Another little naturist on the way?

I hope I’m not tempting fate with this title, as to the best of my knowledge both of my children were conceived in this very RL location! 🙂

No, as the day draws to a close I do tend to take a little walk down to beach, to watch the last of the naturists wend their weary way back home to their apartments, hotels or homes. The wind continues to blow hard, making it yet another red flag day on the beach. It had grown so strong late this afternoon that by the time I got down to the beach only a few remained, two of them being a lovely pregnant woman and her husband. Probably about 6 months pregnant, and full of the bloom of mid-pregnancy. She looked beautiful, confident and content.

Had I been at home, and thinking this post up, I’d have got a shout out for Harry to set it up with a couple of willing models, and also got ‘Dad’ -or a guy posing as Dad- to be in the photograph too. I’ve given Harry a shout anyway, so perhaps he can set a photo up with some of the models he uses for us from time to time. In the meantime, utilising the ‘Eve’ alt again (she has seen more service this week than in all of her previous existence), here’s ‘Mum to be’, stepping off a Spanish playa (or in this case, Turtle Coast as the backdrop).


A postcard from Spain, day 4

Whoops! Yesterday’s post didn’t appear on account of me pressing the wrong buttons on wordpress.

So here it is, publishing properly this time, I hope.

One of the noticeable things about RL naturism is that there are a number of ‘larger’ naturists. You quickly learn that there’s no perfect body, and those imperfections, however they manifest themselves, are what makes each of us unique.

In naturism, no one is judgemental about people’s (media driven concept of) imperfections. In fact, it gives people a confidence that they’re perfectly fine as they are, regardless how ‘big boned’ they might be.

In naturism, we’re all lovely.